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The mun is annoyed. She's sitting in the bar in amnesia land grumbling about, well who knew what.
But you're about to see the effect. She grabbed her scissors and started to hack her hair off. Cutting it short. "Hmm" she said looking at the mess of her hair. "Yeah" she murmered "And improvement"

Bored and Hyper

River is bored. B O R E D. Simon is off doing Simon things, today is her day off of duties at the Training house, she has nothing to do.

So she wanders into the Cafe hoping to find someone to play with, or even just talk to.

And she's on the dance floor, dancing by herself for now.


Jane Cobb is the Bar, may not mean what you conjure it to. She is very much a women. And glancing around to see what fun there was to have. Lass like her needed entertainment, 'specially since her brother left so fast like her did. She missed Jayne.
She walked over to the bar sat down, slapping some coin on the top she ordered a bottle of whatever was cheap. "now ya can point me in the way of trouble......"

Enter: Jack

What you see is a man, about 5'9, light complexion, dark hair and eyes, leather duster. Something about him, though, suggests you might expect to see him in a top hat and a London Fog, or an opera cloak. He strides into the room and directly to the bar.

After a brief conference with the 'tender, his drink is prepared. First the glass, half full of water. Then a slotted spoon is balanced across it. Then two cubes of sugar are placed on the spoon. Then a dark green liquid is poured over the cubes, the liquid becomes a cloudy green as it settles and mixes in with the water. Then, with a smile, Jack pours several drops from a bottle of his own. One of the now half melted sugar cubes goes into his mouth, the other is dropped into the glass, stirred with the spoon. The private bottle is offered to the bartender. "Each drink is to be prepared thus, if you please."

He settles himself onto a stool near the end of the bar, looking down as a large fluffy black cat with bright green eyes hops up beside him. "Hello, Mary-mine." he strokes her ears with one hand as he sips at the drink in his other hand. "What shall we do today?"

The Pyro

The Pyromanic midget wandered into the cafe, his eyes were darting around almost like he expected someone to jump out at him. "Don't seem right" he murmered to himself "Really don't" he said before walking into the bar. He looked around seeing the sign his eyes lit up "ooh fun fun fun" he said brightly. As he pulled out his lighter and started to try set light to the sign.

High............ on life?

Inara wandered into amnesia looking almost like a ghost, drawn and pale with shadows under her eyes. She sat down on a bench in the park.
Why are the lights so bright? she murmered shading her eyes with her hand, remembering that would be the sun......... She cringed feeling the muscles in her arms tighten and rapidly relax. She groaned leaning forward resting her head on the table. "Time For Mummy's pep" she said sitting back a bit and taking an ornate box out of her small satin bag.
My life she whispered taking out of the syringe It's been far too long...... she flicked the needle to rid it of bubbles before putting a tournique on her arm. She pushed her sleeve up slapping her arm to find the vein. "Come on......" she murmered.

Sometime in the future

A young women crept into the cave, her clothes were covered in smears of blood, as was her face. Her eyes were darting around anxiously, like she was expecting an attack. "Reavers?" she called out softly "Hello?" she added. She tipped her head to the side "Voices voices so many voices" she murmered.

Crime and Punishment (for supporting_cats)

Simon heard them, Kaylee and the Captain, of course he did. They meant for him to, whispering together in the kitchen before they went to the engine room. Wanted to be closer to where he was, just to be sure he heard them. The sounds came faintly at first, bring a smile to his lips. He was in the med bay with River, having one of their sessions. The type that meant the door was locked and the blinds were closed and only the two of them knew what went on inside.

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ATTN: Management

Scott pressed a bell calling the management team to come and see him.
He took a seat and waited, wondering who's show first. The Boss's representative, the boss, or Cole.

Assassin's Day off

Miranda walked into the cafe, she was wearin a tank top and large over sized jeans. Her arms were covered in burns and cuts and there was a wound over her eye that dripped blood on to her lashes. Despite this she seemed in good spirits. "A drink please" she said at the bar, "Mango and Passionfruit juice?" she requested.