darkphnxrising (darkphnxrising) wrote in amnesia_land,

Intro to the Cafe

Dylan commands the Phoenix Umbra to dim to a wreathing fire the way his mother always did as he walked into what he thought was a bar, and blinks briefly, the Phoenix Force waking when it realizes this is not where they were originally going. 
Hush now Firebird....This looks interesting. I say we get a drink and see where the Multiverse has landed us.

He finds a seat and calms the fires to almost nothing, so that just the black crisp ends are visible. Ordering a scotch he sits and lets his eyes roam, wondering if anyone else he knew may have been drawn here, possibly even his mother or his aunt, by the feeling of Phoenix Fire and the dark energies swelling inside this budding Dark Phoenix.

He puts his feet up and relaxes, wondering what interesting things were going to happen today.
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