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Lost Lil' Fuzz Butt

Miguel was half hiding from the surroundings, half watching it intently.

He was looking for the Mr. Scott the scarey lady had said was here, or at least some other familiar face.

He peeked around, then hid, then peeked out again. He wasn't sure he'd like this place, and was waiting for somebody to retrieve him. Surely somebody was looking for him, weren't they?
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Dylan walks in, flames licking at his feet. The Phoenix Force never liked being dimmed, but understood that in mundane surroundings a person on fire might be constituted as a BAD thing.

He looks around feeling a sense of loss very similar to his own wrestling in a child nearby. He tones down the fire as much as he can, and leans down to peer into Miguel's eyes.

"Hello. You look and feel lost. You ok?"
Huge brown eyes stared up at him somewhat fearfully.

"You smell funny."
Dylan smiles, wondering if the child was smelling the brimstone of burning or something else less apparent.

"I bet I do....being on fire tends to do that."

He hunkers down in a hunch to look at Miguel, so that he is level and less intimidating.

"My name is Dylan, whats yours?"
"Miguel," he said softly, watching him. "I'm looking for my papa, or Mr. Scott. Have you seen them?"
Dylan gently touches the childs mind, trying to see who he means. Images of Scott Summers and Hank McCoy flash into his mind.

"I don't know where they are at the moment but I'm sure we can find them. Why don't you come out of that hiding spot and sit in a booth where they might see you."

He holds a hand out to help Miguel up, receding the flames to leave his hand free and less intimidating.
He leaned back impulsively.

"Stay outta my head!" he said, scooching backwards, eyes big. The professor had helped show him how to recognize his mind being entered, and his natural sheilds sprung up.

He scooted back further, shaking his head.

"I'm waiting for my papa!" he said loudly, eyes narrowing in fear. "I'll kick your butt if you try anything!"
Dylan sighs and nods as he withdraws hastily. He still hadn't gotten the hang of not doing that too strongly.

"I am sorry Miguel..I didn't mean to frighten you. I was trying to catch a glimpse of what your papa and Mr. Scott looked like. I can leave you be if you wish."

While he is still talking to Miguel he reaches out, trying to touch the consciousness of the correct Dr. McCoy, to get this child home safe.

He'd be damned if he let anyone go thru what he had to.
Miguel watched him intently, then sighed huffingly.

"It's ok," he grumbled. "Just don't do it again. My mind's mine."
"Your absolutely right Miguel, and those are strong shields you've learned to put up. I'm sure the Professor would be proud. Now shall we go and sit or are we going to continue having a discussion on the floor? I bet they make a good milkshake...."

He looks up longingly at his glass of scotch that has arrived without him asking for it while combing the multiverse for the visage of the man in Miguels mind that matches his papa.
"We can sit... I guess," he said, though it was apparent that he was pleased with the compliment. He slowly got up in the booth, then sighed, getting up.
Dylan quirks an eyebrow at the childs quick sit and stand routine.

"Forget something?"

He watched the child, wondering who his mother was with Doc McCoy.

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"No," he said, stretching slightly. "Been under the table for a long time."

((OOC: Lol, all is well. If Dylan would/wants he'd find Miguel's papa walking out of his lab, looking throuh research papers. If he's able/wanting he can drag the blue oaf in :P))
Dylan nods and looks at Miguel as the waitress comes up. "Hungry or thirsty?"
He sips on his scotch absently, watching the boy as his mind wanders.

Across the multiverse a flare of Phoenix Fire appears in front of Dr. McCoy, and gestures towards a door, hoping it leads to the cafe and the duo chatting. He didn't know how it worked but hopefully if McCoy was needed he would get there ok.

Dylan was not about to touch his mind, seeing as how last time it frightened Miguel.
"Thirsty," Miguel admitted shyly.

Hank was reading intently, not noticing the Pheonix fire until he'd walked into it, gasping slightly when he ended up in the Cafe. Then he blinked and looked over.

"Miguel?" he stared slightly in shock, looking around. The boy's eyes got huge.

"Papa!" he cried, racing over and leaping into his father's arms. The startled father dropped the papers at once, catching his son and wrapping both arms around him, looking down.

"Miguel," he breathed, then blinked and spotted Dylan. "Are you alright, my boy?"
Dylan watches as the two are reunited and smiles from the booth. He didn't know if the Doctor was talking to him or to Miguel but he nodded politely to affirm that he was fine.

"Your son seemed like he was looking for someone, he seemed scared and lost. I got your image from his mind and tried to bring you here. Hope you don't mind."

Dylan hands a glass of water down to Miguel.
Hank nodded, bringing Miguel over so the boy could get the water.

"My thanks," he rumbled, then looked at Miguel. "Your mother thought you were in the woods."

"I was stuck here forever," Miguel hugged him fiercely, shivering. Hank returned the hug, running his back.

"Thank you for looking out for my son," he said to Dylan, then offered one hand. "Dr. Henry McCoy."
Dylan takes the hand, smiling as he shakes it, making sure the flames recede.

"Dylan Grey. Pleased to meet you Sir. And happy to look after Miguel, though I apologize again for frightening him. I didn't know who his Papa was without checking and though I'm loathe to admit it I'm not always the most gentle when it comes to mind reading."
"Are you alright?" He asked his son, looking at him. Miguel blinked, but nodded before hiding in his father's shoulder again. He looked over.

"No harm done," he shrugged. "Mr. Grey? Are you releated to Jean Grey, by any chance?"
Dylan nods at the Doctor. "Yes Sir. She's my aunt...or my grandmother depending on which side you go through really."

Dylan had never thought about it that was a mindscrew.

"My father was Jean's brother from an affair, and my mother was Rachel Summers. Sounds worse than it actually is I suppose."
"I suppose," he said, blinking, then looking at Miguel as he guzzled the watter. "Easy, lad, else you'll get a stomach ache," he warned.
Dylan nods to himself.
"Was there a reason other than the Grey last name you asked that Sir?"

People were uneasy around Phoenix entitties he had noticed, most likely due to their instability.
"Not particulary. You seem to have inherited the powers of the Pheonix," he noted.
"Inherited isn't exactly the right word Sir. The Phoenix tapped me the minute I was conceived."

Come to think of it maybe it was the right word.

"It wanted to know what it was like to grow up as a real human child."
"Unfortunate," he murmured, remembering what the Force had done to one of his oldest friends.

"Papa?" Miguel turned at the scent, but he shook his head.

"Worry not, son, rest your eyes," he said gently, seeing how tired his youngest son was. The child nodded, wrapping his arms around Hank's neck, and slowly slipping off to sleep, lulled by his father's continual rumbling in his chest and the gentle hand rubbing his back, and the arm which secured him and hept him safe.
"Kind of. Guess I'm what happens when Apocalypse and Sinister get a hold of a kid at an early age, and nurtures the Phoenix Force in their own twisted way."

Dylan motions to a booth, so that they can sit and rest if need be.

"I'm enjoying the conversation too much to leave, and I would offer a ride back to wherever you need to go, but I can't offer you a space of mine, because well, I don't have one."

He shrugs, realizing its the first time hes even thought of it.


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