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 Bellatrix almost danced into the Amnesia land a song playing in her head. She paused and looked at the sign. She grinned "hmm interesting. Maybe I can play at being the 'good' girl" she murmered

A little bit of release

Simon still had two days more until he could retrieve River and take her away.  He was getting antsy and impatient, wanting to just go in and take her now.  What could they do to stop him?  But he had to follow the plan.

So he headed to a nearby planet and found the seediest back alley bar he could, but when he walked in he found Amnesia Land instead.  "Oh really?" he smiled and proceeded past the sign.

"Now this... Is exactly the kinda place I need."


Phoebe grabbed her sisters hand "Come on we've not got TIME!" she cursed pulling her sister along.
"No I need to do this" Prue murmered pulling her hand free "Just go warn him"
Phoebe didn't look pleased but she nodded "Ok Prue" she whispered before starting to run. She ran along the corridor and grabbed the door running through to be outside (or at least that's where it was meant to be) When she felt the heat of fire behind her then the sound of an explosion. She spun around to see the door slam shut. It was then she also realised. She was not outside.
She turned to look around the cafe mouth hanging open "Oh.......crap......."


Jiang laughed running away from his brother, he laughed chasing through the woods avoiding, almost every tree before running into the training school "INARA INARA!" he yelled laughing before skidding to a halt. "Wow the training schools gone down hill since she married that Dude" he said with a slight school. He looked around before seeing a bar "Cool"

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Found out?

Inara stood back pressed against the side of the ship so hard she was sure a bolt was cutting into her back. Blood was still on her lip from being struck, and it hurt. But she didn't have time to worry on it at the moment.
She swallowed the knot in her throat before creeping around the corner and into the lab. Although she was no longer on serenity. She wasn't in the Med Lab, she was Amnesia Land. "Ok....... maybe he did get me......." she scowled.

In the Cafe

Laura walked into the cafe. Like many on her first visit she was confused but after a long look at the wall she had a fair idea of what was going on.
So she took a seat in a booth her legs tucked underneath her and unsheathed her claws, as she started to carve patterns into her arms humming softly as she did.


Shelley walked into Amnesia land. She carefully set down the gifts from LA onto the Bar, and walked back out.
Mostly they were small touristy gifts you'd expect. Just help yourselfs to one.
But there are a small special presents for people.
Cole, has a White lighter repellant cologne to enjoy.
River Tam of Tamcest has a large box of Chocolate body paints and other fun toys to play with.
Simon Tam has a large box with a scarp book and polaroid camera to enjoy, alone with a new knife. (Maybe he can use it to Document his art).
Theres several other presents Shell is too jet lagged to mention. She leaves them on the bar before leaving again.

Intro to the Cafe

Dylan commands the Phoenix Umbra to dim to a wreathing fire the way his mother always did as he walked into what he thought was a bar, and blinks briefly, the Phoenix Force waking when it realizes this is not where they were originally going. 
Hush now Firebird....This looks interesting. I say we get a drink and see where the Multiverse has landed us.

He finds a seat and calms the fires to almost nothing, so that just the black crisp ends are visible. Ordering a scotch he sits and lets his eyes roam, wondering if anyone else he knew may have been drawn here, possibly even his mother or his aunt, by the feeling of Phoenix Fire and the dark energies swelling inside this budding Dark Phoenix.

He puts his feet up and relaxes, wondering what interesting things were going to happen today.

Bored Doctor

He's reclining in the booth that has the carved table. He's got his scalpel out and is adding to the design.

There might be a glass of alcohol next to him, which he drinks from occassionaly.

Um. Yeah, that's it. Told you he was bored.

Lost Lil' Fuzz Butt

Miguel was half hiding from the surroundings, half watching it intently.

He was looking for the Mr. Scott the scarey lady had said was here, or at least some other familiar face.

He peeked around, then hid, then peeked out again. He wasn't sure he'd like this place, and was waiting for somebody to retrieve him. Surely somebody was looking for him, weren't they?